Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lenticular Piggies!

Yo, I ordered a vintage 1966 lenticular postcard of the 'Three Little Pigs' - and it came, today. I am pleased with this thing on a whole lot of levels.

Not only is it one of my all-time favorite children stories, the image and the lenticular imaging just brings back my childhood. And it came out the year I was born (as did Star Trek, the Super Bowl, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas, by-the-way). '66 rocks and so does this postcard!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Expired Postcards

It's that time of year, again.

My first two years postcrossing, I found that I cannot end the year without addressing my expired postcards, and this year is no different.

I have nine of them. These were the cards I was supposed to send right after I ended up in the hospital last June/July.

A lot of postcards got lost in the shuffle last summer, so I am going to spend this afternoon getting to know those postcrossers again (by their profiles of course), picking new postcards for each of them, writing or drawing something on them - and getting them mailed out.

...And then there is the package I need to finish for a midwest city gnome who makes me smile.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So today, I get this card here...
It is from Monica in the Czech Republic. I had to look this little guy up. The Mole, by Zdenek Miler. I found this terrific little video...

The Mole and Radiohead [Mashup] from Bjarne Bakke Kvistad on Vimeo.
Totally awesome. Mole and Radiohead.

Postcard Geek Heaven!

I just love good mail. Today, I got 265 brand new postcards. Plus, a pack of 20 came on Monday. That should be enough cards to last me through June!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Four Postcards, Today!

It is a lovely day for postcards. I received four from abroad and a pack of 20 that I ordered. Postcards of mailboxes - some of my favorite things to see on a postcard. Three of the four were ones I needed to register at postcrossings, the other (the pretty bird one), was a 'just because' something extra from someone very, very nice. :D
They are from: Turkey, Normandy, Prague and Dusseldorf, Germany. Very pretty postcards with engaging messages on the reverse.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fair(l)ey Obsessed

Seriously. His work is amazing. It just takes me straight back to my psychedelic activist childhood in 1970-1973 New Haven, CT. ala my hippie mother ... Except, he has his own style that just zings me in just the right way.

Collage Card

Oh boy, did I just get myself into something I can see being an addiction - I did a collage that I kind of love! I haven't done more than a few, in my entire span as an artist (almost forever). My husband is a collagist, and a great one (I am still trying to convince him of this, to him, it is just something that he does...). Exactly.

I didn't want to just slap any ol' thing together, but I kind of 'saw' something intangible that unlocked it to my satisfaction. I don't think it is quite finished - but it could be...
 Once I 'saw' what I wanted to do, it took over an hour to get at it because I had to go hunting and digging for glue! I hosted Thanksgiving this year so it was a madhouse getting prepared last week. My very efficient assistant put everything someplace that I am certain - makes sense ... Which has nothing at all to do with my ability to figure out what or where that might be. :D

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Love for Naomi Loves

I can't even recall how I happened along her site, I am just pleased that I did. I was lucky to get into her queue to have a piece of her mail art sent to me, and I am patiently anticipating my turn. In the meanwhile, I looked up her book to see what it was about. Bought it, was reading it, when my daughter brought a postcard from Naomi, letting me know that she would be in touch with the mail art.

I just thought it was super cool that it came while I was reading her book - which was excellent, by-the-way; I definitely recommend it.

LEXer #11787

My best experiences with penpals has been through the Letter Exchange (LEX). It is a paid subscription service, and worth every penny. I recently renewed my subscription after a five-year hiatus, and am glad of it!

A member since back in the '90's, I was pleased to be reassigned my old membership number: 11787
The numbers are how members are identified, unless correspondents decide to divulge their name and whereabouts. It is a pretty good deal.

Back At It

It has been a whole year and a half since I have been this busy with mail, but it had been such a long time since I was a student in a formal setting, it felt right to focus primarily on that. Here is me getting back into the swing of things...

I sent out 16 postcards at a time (above), for which I will receive 16 in return. Some have begun to arrive (below).